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126,600 million: kWh per year
Total energy saved by Kingspan's insulation systems


  • saving €4.6bn in energy costs
  • saving 25m tonnes CO2 per year
  • the annual output of 90 gas-fired or 23 coal-fired power stations
  • a car driven 4.375m times around the world
  • over 74m barrels of oil
  • up to 3 times the annual electricity consumption of Greater London



For over 40 years, Kingspan has pushed the boundaries of the building envelope, creating the world’s most advanced, high performance insulation cores that offer superior thermal performance across the Earth's climate zones, from cold and temperate through hot and humid to dry arid.



Kingspan’s ‘game changing’ building envelope systems offer a unique combination of unrivalled thermal performance, enhanced fire engineering, lifetime durability and environmental benefits.

Kingspan insulates better.

1 Heat loss for each insulant is based on the best quoted lambda value compared to rigid polyurethane insulation with a typical lambda value of 0.023 W/m.K.
2 Kingspan IPN core used in metal faced insulated panels.
3 The thermal conductivity range is based on data from insulation manufacturer's websites or Agreement certificates.
4 Thermal conductivity (Lambda) W/m.K values quoted at 10°C.



Buildings designed with Kingspan Cost Optimal Energy Saving Building Solutions provide many compelling advantages to the different property stakeholders: they consume less energy, they emit less carbon dioxide and they are environmentally responsible over their lifetime, but the perception is that these type of buildings carry substantial capital cost premiums.

With Kingspan's high performance insulation systems, HVAC and building services can be downsized reducing capital cost.

Kingspan Cost Optimal Energy Saving Building Solutions can deliver reduced capital and lifetime operation costs for a building.



To meet the global demand for high efficiency, endurance building envelopes, Kingspan has developed QuadCore, Intelligent Building Envelope Technology.


Enhanced thermal performance of 0.018 W/m.K.


Enhanced resistance and unparalleled fire rating with low smoke emission.


As-built performance for the life of the building.


Contributes to higher LEED®, BREEAM, GreenStar, Estidama and other environmental assessment ratings.